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Custom Dice Boxes are tailor made to your requirements.
They are of a solid wooden construction, with various wood colours available and the bottom consists of a felt surface also available in a variety of colours.  It is smooth to the touch, hardwearing and can be produced with a range of hand painted designs imprinted onto the felt if you wish your box to have a more dramatic and personalised appearance.

These boxes are great for the likes of the Pathfinder adventure card game, Yahtzee style games or roleplaying games as the rim of the box is wide enough to 'store' dice which can be used to either save them or to denote modifiers to the dice rolled. This way you can avoid confusion and trying to laboriously count and remember your dice modifiers etc.


Click on the links below for my Stores where you can find all the different shapes and sizes I have available at the moment. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me via my Ebay or Etsy stores.


I can also be reached through my social media links below as well and they are a great way to see what kind of boxes and designs I have been working on lately.



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